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AMA Board of Directors’ Records of Training Courses
for Directors Held by Both Public and Private Organizations

Director Accreditation Program (DAP) IOD Director Certification Program (DCP) IOD Successful Formulation & Execution of Strategy (SFE) Risk Management Program for Corporate Leaders (RCL) Advanced Audit Committee Program (AACP) Top Executive Program (Capital Market Academy) Ultra Wealth Group จาก UWG
Mr. Kasem VejasilpaClass 141/2017------
Mr. Manit NitiprateepClass 126/2016Class 225/2016-Class 8/2017Class 26/2017Class 14-
Mr. Chatchai Sritipphayaraj Class 126/2016------
Mrs. Tippawan PotayapornClass 126/2016------
Mr. Choosak PooshutvanitshakulClass 126/2016------
Mr. Pisan RatchakitprakarnClass 126/2016Class 250/2017Class 124/2015 --Class 22Class 3
Ms. Pakjira RatchakitprakarnClass 126/2016------
Mr. Thatree KirdboonsongClass 129/2016-Class 12/2012----
Mr. Chaitasn WanchaiClass 129/2016-Class 12/2012----
Mr. Sakchai RatchakitprakarnClass 150/2016------