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AMA (“the Company”) was founded in 1996 to provide transport service of palm oil and vegetable oils in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia. The Company plans to expand the service to transport other types of liquid products e.g. fuel oil, molasses, and easy chemical. In addition, the Company established AMA Logistics Company Limited ("AMAL") in 2014 to provides the service on an inland liquid carrier by tank trucks, mainly loading diesel B100 and gasoline.
The Company targets revenue growth in 2019 at 15% or not less than MB 2,000 which can be devised into 1) 10% revenue growth from marine logistic services, which come from increasing backhaul routes as well as sourcing from new transport products 2) 35% revenue growth from land logistic services due to an increase in the tankers of 30 vehicles to support the increased oil transportation volume from the economic growth, sourcing from new customers and new transport products.
In 2019, AMA has a docking plan for 5 vessels; as follow,
QuarterNumber of docking (vessels)
The proportion of AMAL backhaul routes accounted for about 8% of total transportation.
The IFRS 16 Standard Account which be been applied in 2020 does not affect the company regarding the truck hire purchase (financing lease), but may affect the company in terms of office building rental (operating lease). The new accounting standard records office rent that is worth more than Baht 150,000 per year and has a rental period over 1 year as assets instead of operation expenses.
The Company still has an acquisition plan with logistics businesses to increase operational efficiency and adding more channels to access the new products. Presently, the Company is doing due diligence by allowing the financial advisors to estimate the business value.
AMA’s policy is to pay its dividend to shareholders at a rate not lower than 25% of its net profit based on the Company's financial statements after deducted corporate income tax and statutory reserves (if so). Anyways, Dividend payment may subject to change depending on financial results, financial status, liquidity, working capital in operation, investment plan, and business expansion plan in the future, market situation, suitability, and other factors related to the operation and management of the Company. In 2019, the Company paid dividend equivalently 125.87% of the net profit.