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AMA Marine Public Company Limited (The Company) has realized on Social Responsibility with our stakeholders. There are many CSR activities as following we arranged during the year.

1. Academic equipment delivery to the International Maritime School, Kasetsart University, Sriracha Campus.

Mr. Pisan Ratchakitprakan, (The 4th from right), Managing Director and Mr. Sakchai Rutchakitprakan (The 3th from right), Marketing Manager and the team from AMA Marine Public Company Limited, recently deliver and support learning media to Vice Admiral Honorary Prof. Niruth Hongprasit, (the 5th from left), Dean of the International Maritime College to allow the maritime staff to study the actual equipment at the International Maritime College, Kasetsart University – Sriracha Campus.

2. Learning and Experience Sharing to Students The company realizes on the importance of personal development in the field of maritime; therefore we encourage these people in such field and/or the people who have experiences such as operations manager, technical manager, and maritime officer to be the lecturer who share knowledge and experience to students of the International Maritime School, Kasetsart University, Sriracha Campus. The Company presently works closely with the International Maritime School on the academic program.

3. Training to students who graduated from the Colleges and Universities In addition to support our staff to be the lecturer at the Colleges and Universities, the Company allows students to participate on the job training especially training on the vessel as required by the regulations and curriculum of the academic institution. This is to build up the student more confident and understanding of the operation and also the channel of personal selection to join the company. We presently accept the students from the International Maritime School, Kasetsart University, Sriracha Campus to participate the training on the vessel and expect to have more students from such colleges and universities in the future.

4. Scholarship to Staff Children The Company realizes on the importance of education and youth development that will be the major drive of country development and also the opportunity to sustainably build up the youth. The Company has the policy to support scholarship to staff children, this is to look after our staff and to help them on education expense. The Company provides 10 scholarships to children whose academic record are at good level together with being discipline. This is the way to develop quality children in the future.